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About Us

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About CareerCrest

CareerCrest ( ) is the Division of LeaderCrest Academy for rendering recruitment services. CareerCrest seeks to fulfil the varied recruitment needs of companies, across domains and specializations.

CareerCrest endeavours to understand the client perspectives and the role requirements in depth so that the right talent can be placed to the right roles. CareerCrest works with clients as well as candidates to accomplish best possible placements. We believe that our collaborative approach and nimble execution result in better placements and better service.

LeaderCrest Academy Private Limited ( has been set up by Dr C B Rao, having rich industrial and business experience of over 44 years in reputed companies in India in strategic and operational leadership roles. LeaderCrest aims to provide services in competitive strategy, leadership development and corporate governance. The initial focus has been on publications in the above areas.


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At CareerCrest, we extend our recruitment services to a wide spectrum of industries and domains, across hierarchy levels.


Automobile Components
Business Process Outsourcing
Information Technology
Medical Devices
Other Diversified


Accounting & Finance
Business Planning & Development
Corporate Affairs
Human Resources
Information Technology
Public Relations
Regulatory Affairs
Secretarial & Legal
Supply Chain


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To us, providing the right match between talent and role is extremely important. We would like candidates to be placed in jobs that build careers for them and value for their companies. Towards that end, we spend quality time with each candidate, who meets the criteria, explaining the company and the role, understanding the candidate’s profile and exploring how the talent-role match can be a ‘win-win’ for the company and the candidate.


Career After a Break

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According to a study by the World Bank in collaboration with the National Sample Survey Organisation, more than 20 million Indian women quit jobs between 2004 and 2016. Around 65–70% of women who quit never return to work.

Most women who quit work for family reasons do not realise how overwhelming motherhood could be. Although they would have had every intention to get back to work, the responsibilities of motherhood along with other joint family responsibilities typical of India make it extremely difficult for women to return to work. Some women take a mid-career break to support their children during crucial schooling phases. Women who take a break from their career would always love to go back to work to fulfill their professional ambitions and retain their economic independence.

At CareerCrest, we would like to be of special help and support for women who are career-oriented while being responsible to their families. Women who can work from home or work in offices with flexible timings would bring additional business and value to the companies. Companies which believe in gender diversity provide more flexible employment options to engage women more productively.

We believe that creative approaches, including 'working from home' option, for women employees can lead to increased productivity, improved employee morale and higher retention rates, to state a few advantages. CareerCrest can work with client companies and women candidates to structure customized ‘win–win’ career resumption approaches.


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CareerCrest operations are led by Ms Karuna Mopidevi as the Senior Consultant. Karuna has over 10 years of experience in all aspects of human resources, with specialisation in recruitment. She has worked with several large and mid-sized companies with respect to their recruitment and placement needs.

CareerCrest has access to domain-specific experts for assisting in specific recruitment and evaluation needs as may be required.

Support from LeaderCrest and its Founder, Dr C B Rao, would provide a significant edge to the services offered by CareerCrest.

Contact Us

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Registered Office

A Division of LeaderCrest Academy Private Limited,
25/15 (2nd Floor), Lakshmanan Street,
Mahalingapuram, Nungambakkam,
Chennai 600034, Tamil Nadu, India
Founder-Director: Dr C B Rao
E Mail:
Land: +91 44 28171235
Cell: +91 9940644889

For Communication

Senior Consultant: Ms Karuna Mopidevi
E Mail:;
Cell: +91 9940022006


Senior Consultant: Ms Karuna Mopidevi
E Mail:;
Cell: +91 9940022006